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Today 02.04.2015


David Cameron's 'thug life'

A YouTube parody video of David Cameron making a witty put down at PMQs has gone viral.

Northern Ireland passions move centre stage

Mark Mardell says Northern Ireland politicians are likely to play a central role in the formation of the next UK Government.

Leaders prepare for election debate

The leaders of seven political parties gear up for a live, two-hour televised general election debate later.

Parties clash over Scottish poverty

Politicians from Scotland's five main parties clash over the causes of - and possible solutions to - poverty in a special BBC Scotland debate.

Yesterday 01.04.2015


What the British can learn from US debates

America has a long history of televised debates. Ahead of Thursday's seven-strong debate in the UK election campaign, here's what the Brits could learn.

The Americanisation of the UK election

There's a growing worry that the UK is heading down a path toward the US model of electioneering that lasts months and even years, reports Anthony Zurcher.

'We must plan for future of NHS'

As the 2015 election campaign gathers pace, the BBC speaks to a manager in the National Health Service - Matthew Fitzpatrick from London.

Miliband's zero-hours work pledge

Labour has vowed to crack down on what it calls an ''epidemic'' of zero-hours contracts.

Business leader letter backs Tory policies

Over 100 British business leaders have written to the Daily Telegraph to express support for the Conservatives' economic policies.

Life on a zero hours contract

As Labour says it wants to ban some zero-hours contracts, one 22 year old tells Newsbeat what his life was like being on one.
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