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Why are hospitals under so much pressure?

The NHS across the UK is already struggling to meet its A&E targets, and winter - the busiest time of year - has only just begun. Nick Triggle looks at why hospitals are under the cosh.

13 December 2014

Nick Triggle

Health correspondent

Nick Triggle

Superbugs to kill 'more than cancer' by 2050

Drug resistant infections will kill an extra 10 million people a year worldwide by 2050 unless action is taken, a study says.

11 December 2014

Fergus Walsh

Medical correspondent

Fergus Walsh

Christmas closures - plan ahead

On the twelfth day of Christmas...could we be hitting the phones trying to get a GP appointment or turning up at our local surgeries?

23 December 2014

Hugh Pym

Health editor

Hugh Pym