England v South Africa as it happened

As it happened

By Mark Mitchener - BBC Sport

In summary

  • South Africa 309 & 145-3 - leading by 139
  • Amla 57 not out; Kallis 31
  • England 315 - first-innings lead of six
  • Bairstow 95; Morkel 4-80; Steyn 4-94
  • England must win to stay top of Test rankings

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  1. 1845

    That's about it from TMS - and from us on the live text. Thanks for your company today - this has been a seriously good Test match, and we'll be back tomorrow to see where the next twists and turns take us. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel. Hope you'll join us for day four - TTFN.

  2. Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott

    "South Africa came in and didn't play any flashy shots, the pitch has had three days of sunshine and is flattening out. I didn't think Kallis was unlucky this time round, it hit his pad and if he watches it in the dressing-room he might change his mind. But Amla has played beautifully, they've got a lot of batting to come and I don't think England were inventive enough."

  3. SMS

    From Sam Scott, Kings Sutton,via text on 81111: "Prior doesn't deserve the abuse, he has been the man to rely on through much of this series with the bat and every Test match he improves behind the stumps. One mistake doesn't warrant the abuse. As a team we haven't been good enough."

  4. Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott

    "A wonderful day's cricket, a pitch which did a little bit for the bowlers this morning - we were waiting to see if the young kid could get to 100 and England could get parity. South Africa are the best seam bowling side in the world, and when Jonny Bairstow was on 95, South Africa used all their know-how and eventually he played a bit too square and he got out - they out-thought him. Prior played with common sense last night and this morning, but you should let yourself have two or three balls at the new ball - it swung first ball, and it looked a careless shot. Jimmy then got a couple up his throat, Finn did well and Swann gave anything short outside off stump a smack."

  5. Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew

    "They're forecasting 30 degrees plus for tomorrow, so bring a hat and some sun cream."

  6. Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Shaun Pollock

    "England have taken three big South African wickets, but it's all set up for another fascinating day's play."

  7. 1833
    CLOSE OF PLAY SA 145-3

    Stuart Broad replaces Swann at the Nursery End for the last over of the day. Two slips and a fourth slip in for Amla, who's on 49, along with a short leg. A fierce straight drive for four brings up the bearded maestro's 24th Test fifty - he has 15 centuries. Encouraged by this, he laces another cover drive for four down towards the Mound Stand. The last ball of the day is left outside off stump, so Amla finishes the day on 57, with South Africa leading by 139.

  8. 1828
    OUCH! SA 137-3

    Four overs left in the day, but with eight minutes left, we may only get two or three in, depending on how much field-tinkering Cap'n Strauss does. Amla gets a leading edge but it scoots along the ground to mid-on, and he then jabs a single past short leg to take his score to 49. Steyn is hit on the hand... the SA physio runs on, and the crowd give him a slow-handclap as they sense this may reduce the number of balls South Africa will have to face tonight. Eventually, Steyn is ready to resume after a dose of the magic spray on his hand, and we'll have time for one more over.

  9. Twitter

    RedAndy54 on Twitter: (external) "The series will be nicely poised going into the last two Tests, though... Oh wait."

  10. 1821
    Commentary SA 136-3

    There are five men back on the fence as Swann bowls to Amla, offering him a single to expose the night-watchman. Amla pulls an awful half-tracker from Swann for four, and Swann apologises to short leg fielder James Taylor, whose decapitation was threatened by the shot. A single brings Steyn on strike for the last ball and the short leg and slip are joined by a silly point and a leg slip. Steyn blocks.

  11. Twitter SahilOberoi1

    SahilOberoi1 on Twitter: (external) "Prior dropping Amla ontwo is starting to look as significant as Warne dropping KP at the Oval in 2005!"

  12. 1817
    Commentary SA 131-3

    Dale Steyn is South Africa's designated night-watchman, he has five overs and five balls (or more likely 15 minutes) to survive, and there are two slips back in. Suddenly, a pumped-up Finn is bowling at 91mph, and the crowd have come to life again - England will think that if they can take one more wicket tonight, they're back in this game.

  13. Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Shaun Pollock

    "There were two sounds, but I think it hit his front pad first."

  14. WICKET Kallis lbw b Finn 31 (SA 131-3)

    It's umpire's call for hitting the stumps... the crowd cheer as it's shown on the screen, but then it looks like they're going to have another look at Hotspot... and for the second time in the match, Kallis trudges off grumpily having been given out on review.


    Big appeal for lbw by Finn, Taufel raises his finger and Kallis immediately calls for a review, from which we can infer he thinks he hit it...

  16. SMS

    From Ollie, in the stands, via text on 81111: "Should Prior be responsible for allowing this game to slip away? Gets out with a ridiculous shot when all he needed to do was run the singles and then he drops Amla? I know it's a team effort but things like that turn a game."

  17. 1810
    Commentary SA 131-2

    Finally, halfway through his 19th over, Swann is going to bowl round the wicket - Amla is solid in defence, and a maiden over ensues. Swann has 1-33 with five maidens.

  18. SMS

    From Peter, via text on 81111: "South Africa once again showing where the power lies. You could count on 0 fingers the amount of times England have been truly on top in this series."

  19. Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Shaun Pollock

    "I thought Swann bowled well to Smith - I thought he might have tried going round the wicket to Amla."

  20. 1805
    OUCH! SA 131-2

    Blowers tells TMS listeners that it may be even hotter here tomorrow than today - in which case I may have to buy several large fans for our box, which is a bit like a greenhouse at the moment. With no plants. Just the one slip now as Finn bowls to Amla, who runs a single to third man. Kallis is discomforted and hit on the forearm by an inswinger. At least he's more than doubled his previous best score at Lord's (13).

  21. 1801
    Commentary SA 130-2

    "South Africa looking pretty comfortable," notes Tuffers on TMS as Swann begins his 18th over - Kallis steers a two through the covers, but that's the only scoring stroke and we have eight overs left tonight. If Swann stays on, we may even get them in...

  22. Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew

    "I know Angus Fraser is Steven Finn's big hero, and I think his run-up is the same number of strides as big Gus."

  23. 1758
    Commentary SA 128-2

    Taylor retreats to third man again, Amla guides a two down to fine leg, then there's a fairly confident appeal for lbw but umpire Simon Taufel is unmoved and once again, England aren't confident enough to use their one remaining DRS review.

  24. 1754
    Commentary SA 126-2

    Swann's had a long bowl today, Amla pushes the score along with a single - he has 40, Kallis has 29, the stand is worth 76 and South Africa lead by 120.

  25. SMS

    From Adam in Arbroath, via text on 81111: "Can Bairstow bowl any grenades a la KP? Because I've got a bad feeling about these two..."

  26. 1750
    Commentary SA 125-2

    As Aggers on TMS contemplates a dinner date with Michael Parkinson, and Tuffers ponders a barbecue ("I've got one like a Lancaster bomber, with a double grill, a spitand huge wings"), Finn continues from the Pavilion End and Kallis plunders a four through the vacant third man area. It looks like Strauss has noticed something, as he runs all the way up to speak to Finn before the last ball of the over - and the result is Taylor being moved from short leg to third man. There are 11 more overs due tonight, looks like we'll be there till 1830.

  27. 1745
    Commentary SA 121-2

    Kallis knocks Swann for a single down to Bairstow at deep mid-on. The Yorkshire youngster is up saving the single for Amla, but there's nothing the hosts can do when Amla gracefully guides a four through mid-wicket.

  28. SMS

    From Gav in Cheshire, via text on 81111: "England drifting out of this match."