England v Sri Lanka as it happened

As it happened

By Mark Mitchener - BBC Sport

In summary

  • Sangakkara 134*, Kulasekara 58*
  • Dilshan 44, Jayawardene 42
  • SL chase 294 with 17 balls to spare
  • England 293-7: Trott 76, Root 68, Cook 59
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  1. 2107

    Well, you can continue the Trott Debate, the Cook Debate, the Bopara Debate and any other burning issues on Twitter via #bbccricket (external) - but let's not let England's deficiencies overshadow an outstanding batting display from Kumar Sangakkara, one of the classiest batsmen of his generation.

    Plenty more Champions Trophy action comnig up - as Russel Arnold pointed out on TMS earlier, of the four remaining group games, three are close to being quarter-finals, with the other being the always tasty India v Pakistan. First up tomorrow is West Indies v South Africa in Cardiff at 1030 BST - make sure you join TMS on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra from 1015, while Marc Higginson will be in the live text chair. Enjoy the rest of your evening - and be careful if you head to any Aussie-themed bars. TTFN.

  2. George Dabby, TMS inbox: Trott's innings was as selfish as it gets. Blocking powerplay overs with 15 overs to go and eight wickets in hand. Disgraceful.

  3. Jay: (external) Even if England had 50 overs like the last over (scoring 1400 runs), they couldn't have defended it with this bowling attack.


    Man of the match Kumar Sangakkara: "I was pretty happy withy the way I went about it, Dilshan and Mahela batted well but Kulasekara really put the icing on it. Once the powerplay was over, I think he surprised everyone with some great shots. Mahela's the best batsman in the side and was looking really dangerous. It was tough on the bowlers at times but both sides batted well. We've got to win the next one, hopefully our run rate has done some good today and we'll have to prepare well for the Aussies."

  5. as
    Alec Stewart - BBC Test Match Special

    "England are going to have to think beyond Plan A. I'm sure they've got the capability to do that, but they didn't recognise it in time here."

  6. Sri Lanka captain Angelo Mathews: "We needed that, we started off pretty waywardly but the bowlers came back well in the middle period, and once against Sangakkara batted brilliantly, when the team needs him he delivers. They got a bit of momentum with the last over, but the wicket turned out to be an absolute belter, brilliant to bat on. The management decided to promote Kulasekara, he's done the job well in the past so we sent him to have a crack in the powerplay. We were rusty in the field today so as can still improve."

  7. England captain Alastair Cook: "That was an outstanding 100 by Sangakkara. The pitch got easier and quicker as the day went on, but sometimes you have to say credit where credit's due. We needed to take a couple more wickets, but that was a very, very good chase down. It doesn't help from a bowling point of view when the ball gets changed. It's very hard to get it to reverse swing. But sometimes, you say well played to the opposition, and this was one of those days. I thought 300 was about par. I couldn't get my innings away. If I had done, we might have got to 320. We knew we had to win one of these two games. That's why the Champions Trophy is a good tournament. Sometimes you come up short, but we'll have a look at it and come back on Sunday."

  8. Michael Uscroft: (external) Bopara's 28 in the last over covered up the deficiencies in our batting. Just not good enough for ODIs.

  9. lyas Najib: (external) Who's better, Gilchrist or Sangakkara? It's too close to call in my opinion.

  10. russel_arnold_afp
    Russel Arnold - BBC Test Match Special

    "This will be good for the confidence of Sri Lanka. Everything was against Sri Lanka, and nobody gave them a chance after the disappointment against New Zealand. But the big players have stood up. Where England slowed down, they lost out. They should have had 320-330."

  11. 2052

    Let's give you the table then - New Zealand lead Group A with three points, England second on two points with a better net run-rate than Sri Lanka who also have two points, and Australia fourth with only one point.

    So for England, when they play New Zealand in Cardiff on Sunday, win and they're in the semis. A no-result sends New Zealand through and leaves England sweating on Sri Lanka-Australia. But if England lose, they're out.

  12. simonmann
    Simon Mann - BBC Test Match Special

    "A top-class innings from Sangakkara - not just with his hitting, but the calmness of it as well. This group is now wide open."

  13. as
    Alec Stewart - BBC Test Match Special

    "Sangakkara showed his class, but everyone batted around him, and that's why they're walking off with a seven-wicket win. It's not all doom and gloom, but there's plenty to think about for England between now and Cardiff on Sunday."

  14. 2049

    As Sangakkara and Kulasekara walk off and receive some bear hugs from their team-mates, let's reflect for a minute on that fourth-wicket stand. Those two added 110 runs in 11.5 overs, a match-winning partnership.

  15. Stuart Mitchell: (external) A thoroughly uninspiring defence by England. Cook has no imagination at all.

  16. Kumar SangakkaraKumar Sangakkara: 342 ODIs, more than 11,200 runs, 15 hundreds, 75 fifties. One of the greatest players the game has seen?
  17. 2047


  18. 47.1 overs
    SL 297-3

    Broad to bowl, Sangakkara to finish the job. He swings a four through square leg, Sangakkara finishes on 134 not out and Sri Lanka have won with 17 balls to spare.

  19. Brian, via text on 81111: This is why England's top three are criticised. We set off every single match looking for 280-300 when the top teams are always looking for 330-350 on flat pitches.

  20. 47 overs
    SL 293-3

    England rather going through the last rites here, but the Sri Lankan fans are on their feet as Kulasekara moves to 58 with a single, Sangakkara tucks into Bresnan with a couple of twos, leaving two runs to win - and a dab to cover levels the scores with three overs left.

  21. Wayne Ellis: (external) A lot of criticism of our batting on here but 293 should be plenty against a team that made 138 last time. Shocking bowling...

  22. as
    Alec Stewart - BBC Test Match Special

    "I just saw Sangakkara and Anderson exchanging pleasantries after that wide - umpire Aleem Dar had to step in. And again after the end of the over, and Dar had to come all the way down the pitch to speak to them - Sangakkara's a clever, well-spoken man, but he's a chirpy character."

  23. 46 overs

    Anderson back on for his last over - England had to return to their main bowler, really, as it would be borderline criminal for Sri Lanka to win this with overs to spare and Anderson not having bowled his 10. Anderson and Cook shuffle the field, but the game has surely gone here as Kulasekara helps himself to a two and a single. Sangakkara effortlessly adds another, England help the score along with a wide and Kulasekara gets an edge, Buttler dives to his right and gets a glove to it at full stretch - would have been a world-class catch if it had stuck, but being cruel, we have to put it down as a dropped catch. Sangakkara helps himself to a two before blasting Anderson's last ball for four. Seven needed from 24 balls. Can they do it next over?

  24. Shane Bradford, TMS inbox: Cook is too nice. His conservative instinct belies his fear. Other teams can sense that in his protective (rather than attacking) fields and it gives them confidence. England are content to be good, instead of gambling to be great.

  25. simonmann
    Simon Mann - BBC Test Match Special

    "I think Sri Lanka would win here, even if England managed to conjure a hat-trick - that's how on top they are."

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