Sir Alex Ferguson's farewell as it happened

As it happened

By Tom Rostance - BBC Sport & Emlyn Begley - BBC Sport

In summary

  • Ferguson lifts Premier League trophy for Utd
  • United win on Ferguson's last home game
  • Rooney asks for transfer from Man Utd
  • Norwich, Newcastle win and are safe
  • Southampton and Fulham all but safe

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  1. 1929

    On a day that has left as many questions as answers, it's time for us to bid you all farewell.

    Where will Wayne Rooney, Roberto Mancini, Roberto Martinez and Phil Neville be next season? To name just a few of the protagonists who may be on the move.

    The finishing line of the season is in sight, but the football doesn't stop just yet. Make sure you join me, Tom Rostance, back here tomorrow for Brighton v Palace.

    If it's 30% as exciting as today's Championship semi-final at Watford, then I may need medical intervention. See you there.

  2. 1920

    Mr G: (external) "He's not progressed at all in last few years, time to cash in. Only want players who want to play for United."

    Samson K: (external) "I think Moyes should let him leave...I don't see any reason why we should have an unhappy player in the team."

    Robert Clear: (external) "Let him go and try to sign Bale & or Ronaldo. Then Moyes would earn instant respect."

    Josh: (external) "Second time he has wanted to leave in last few seasons, time for United to let him go."

  3. 1912

    MrBlueBurns on text: "Re Bruce in Camden at 1902. Mourinho at Chelsea sold Robben to Real Madrid. Turned up at Madrid then sold him on to Bayern."

    Kev in Newcastle on text: "In response to Bruce in Camden at 1902: Sir Alex Ferguson sold Gordon Strachan from Aberdeen to Man Utd then sold him from Man Utd to Leeds."

  4. 1910 phil_mcnulty_bw122x110
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Old Trafford

    "Ferguson says Manchester United won't sell Wayne Rooney. What if his successor David Moyes wants to sell him?"

  5. 1905

    Will David Moyes fight to keep Wayne Rooney at Manchester United? Or will he decide that maybe it is the right time for him to leave?

    He's sold Rooney once before - in very different circumstances of course.

  6. 1905

    Salisbury have returned to the Conference after beating Dover 3-2 in extra-time in their Blue Square Bet South play-off final. The Wiltshire club suffered a double relegation in 2010 after financial difficulties.

  7. 1902

    Raj: "Fergie says Rooney won't be sold, but then again it was only a few weeks ago he told us he was staying as manager for a few more years. Time will tell!"

    Bruce in Camden: "Has a manager ever sold a player to a club, then became the manager of that club, and sold the same player again?"

    Ade: "With new managers at United, Chelsea and probably City, the top end of the Premier League is going to have a strange feel to it next season..."

  8. 1901
    Sir Alex Ferguson

    Sir Alex Ferguson: "I decided to retire last Christmas. Things changed when my wife Cathy's sister died. She has lost her best friend, her sister. Also, I wanted to go out a winner.

    "It was very difficult [to keep it under wraps]. There were times when we sometimes blurted it out to the family. We told our sons in March. My brother didn't even know until Tuesday.

    "The most important achievement was winning the first league and the door opened after that. We just grew and grew and grew. We had some fantastic teams.

    "I've got a lot of things to do. My son Jason's been organising things. I won't be sitting still."

  9. 1859

    Tour King: (external) "That was emotional Fergie! Not a United fan but will miss him for sure. Even at 71 he's still the best and always will be."

    Pratik Singh: (external) "So its official - Rooney has asked for a transfer. PSG?"

  10. 1857
    Sir Alex Ferguson

    Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson: "It's fantastic. What a send off. I was bubbling there for a bit. The atmosphere was unbelievable. I'm very proud of my fans, they were great. I've had a few days of wobbling a bit but you have to gather yourself.

    "I wanted the fourth official to put up seven minutes! I was going to kill him.

    "Work hard was the foundation of the day and all the players did that. I don't think Wayne Rooney was keen to play as he has asked for a transfer. We are not going to let him go. I think he's just frustrated at not playing as much as he'd like in the last couple of weeks."

  11. 1856
    MANAGER REACTION Man Utd 2-1 Swansea

    Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson tells BBC Sport about Wayne Rooney's transfer request: "We have refused it. I think he should go away and think it over again. He wasn't happy about being taken off a few times this season but a Wayne Rooney in top form wouldn't be taken off."

    On whether Rooney will stay at the club, Ferguson added: "It's not my decision now."

  12. 1856

    Samuel Nicholls: (external) "As far as I'm concerned Rooney can go. As long as its abroad. Kagawa is the future #overhypedandoverweight"

    David Robinson: (external) "Is any Utd fan actually going to miss Rooney? He's been anonymous this season, had no part in them winning the title."

  13. 1855

    BBC Sport reporter Jonathan Legard: (external) "Sir Alex Ferguson reveals he made his Man Utd decision at Christmas after the death of his wife's sister. Told sons in March."

  14. 1854 phil_mcnulty_bw122x110
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Old Trafford

    "Ferguson says Rooney has asked for a transfer but he will not be sold. Moyes will remember this one from his days at Everton."

  15. 1852
    Wayne Rooney

    Where will Wayne Rooney be playing next season then?

    Strap yourselves in for a summer of speculation.

  16. 1850

    "What will you miss most?" Sir Alex Ferguson is asked.

    "Those last-minute goals," he said. "I love those."

  17. 1849

    Sir Alex Ferguson also says that he decided he would retire at the end of this season last Christmas, and that he doesn't know where the leak came from this week.

    "This club is a sieve", he says.

  18. 1846

    Sir Alex Ferguson confirms that Wayne Rooney has asked for a transfer away from Manchester United.

  19. 1846
    Sir Alex Ferguson

    It's 20 years since Sir Alex Ferguson first lifted the Premier League trophy, and he soon got a taste for it. He has won 13 trophies since.

  20. 1845
    PLAYER REACTION Man Utd 2-1 Swansea

    Red Devils midfielder Michael Carrick: "It's been an emotional day for everyone. It was a strange feeling and it's been like that all week. It was a special, special day.

    "Even in the changing room he tried to keep it as normal as possible but in the back of your mind you were thinking this is the last one. With the reception he got, it was amazing."

  21. 1845

    Lewis Smith: (external) "Big cheer? I don't think so - booed by the majority of Stretford End. Rooney can go."

    Rachel Smith: (external) "Thank you, Sir Alex, for the memories. Scholes, you're a legend

    Freddie Daniels: (external) "Scholesy's blatantly off home to watch the darts with a brew..."

  22. 1841
    Sir Alex Ferguson

    Rio Ferdinand has been talking about his match-winning goal.

    "It was an unbelievable strike," he said. "Thinking about it before the game I was the only one who has not scored, I just smashed it home."

  23. 1841
    PLAYER REACTION Man Utd 2-1 Swansea

    Manchester United striker Robin van Persie: "It's an unbelievable day but a sad one as well. I had the honour to work with him for one year and it's been an unbelievable year. He's made such an impact on me. He may be the greatest manager ever and he's such a nice person.

    "Before the game, he couldn't see anything about him retiring. All week he's been focused on what to do and what to expect. It's a massive honour for me to say I've worked with him for a year."

  24. 1841

    Grant Holt, Norwich captain: (external) "Great performance from the lads and another year in the Premier League for Norwich City - now off for a few beers in town with the lads."

  25. 1840

    Former Everton midfielder Tim Cahill: (external) "What an emotional goodbye. To be included in the guard of honour by the team, with Phil Neville and David Moyes, is something I'll never forget. Thank you."

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