Premier League Fixtures

Sat 27 Feb

  1. West Ham V Sunderland 12:45 kick off
  2. Leicester V Norwich 15:00 kick off
  3. Southampton V Chelsea 15:00 kick off
  4. Stoke V Aston Villa 15:00 kick off
  5. Watford V Bournemouth 15:00 kick off
  6. West Brom V Crystal Palace 17:30 kick off

Sun 28 Feb

  1. Liverpool P Everton P postponed
  2. Newcastle P Man City P postponed
  3. Man Utd V Arsenal 14:05 kick off
  4. Tottenham V Swansea 14:05 kick off

Please note: All times UK. Fixtures are subject to change. The BBC is not responsible for any changes that may be made.