British Grand Prix as it happened

As it happened

By Gary Rose - BBC Sport

In summary

  • Rosberg wins, Webber 2nd
  • Alonso 3rd, Hamilton 4th
  • Vettel, Vergne, Perez, Grosjean out
  • Fears over Pirelli tyres after five failures

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  1. 1800
    British Grand Prix

    Well it is time for me to bring this live text commentary to a close. What an epic day of racing we have been served up and, if you have not already, have a read of chief F1 writer Andrew Benson's report on the BBC Sport website.

    It was disappointing for the British fans that Lewis Hamilton was unable to win, but with Mercedes seemingly improving, surely his time for a first victory with the team will come. At Germany next week perhaps? Join my colleague Lawrence Barretto from Friday to find out.

    Remember to tune in to BBC Radio 5 live right now for Slicks-O-Six but that is all from me. Goodbye.

  2. 1749 1429465-high_res-formula-1-2012
    Jennie Gow - BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter at Silverstone

    "Get your questions in - hoping Mark Webber and Daniel Ricciardo will join us on Slicks-O-Six to take you calls. 0500 909693."

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    BBC coverage

    Still itching for more Formula 1? Plenty of reports, reaction and videos from today's race on the BBC Sport website while at 18:00 BST on BBC Radio 5 live there is Slicks-O-Six - Jennie Gow, along with James Allen and Gary Anderson, chat all things F1. Call or text 0500 909 693 to join the discussion.

    Then at 19:00 on BBC Three there are highlights of the British Grand Prix, of which there are plenty, and that leads nicely into more coverage from Glastonbury. What better way to spend a Sunday evening?

  4. 1736

    In case you missed it earlier, a video of Silverstone's Turn Four, possibly responsible for a spate of punctures at the British Grand Prix is available to watch on the BBC Sport website.

    BBC F1 technical expert Gary Anderson says it is possible that the "inner side-wall" on the turn was causing the tyres to cut and this in turn was causing the blow-outs.

  5. 1733

    Daily Mirror Formula 1 correspondent Byron Young: (external) Pirelli boss Paul Hembery has been called to an FIA meeting on Wednesday. Whitmarsh says that's too late. Decisions have to be made today.

  6. 1730

    So no late drama on what has already been a hugely eventful day at the British Grand Prix. Happy days for Nico Rosberg and Mercedes, who are not only showing good single-lap pace in qualifying, but competitive race speed as well. Promising stuff for the remainder of the season.

  7. 1725

    BREAKING NEWS: Nico Rosberg has escaped with a reprimand for speeding under yellows. His race win stands.

  8. 1718 BBC Sport's chief F1 writer Andrew Benson
    Andrew Benson - Chief F1 writer at Silverstone

    "Regarding Nico Rosberg, worth pointing out Mark Webber got a reprimand [equivalent of which would not affect race result] for similar offence in practice."


    Greg Russell: (external) Really enjoyed the F1 today. Tyres exploding, wheel to wheel racing, and drivers going flat out. British Grand Prix for the win!

    Have to agree Greg, fantastic battles throughout the race. It was a belter.

  10. 1710
    Nico Rosberg

    Reuters' Formula 1 correspondent Alan Baldwin: (external) Just saw Nico Rosberg sprinting down the paddock chased by TV crews after trip to stewards. He was still smiling.

  11. 1704

    Several F1 drivers have described Pirelli's tyre problems in today's race as "unacceptable". Have a read of their views on the BBC Sport website.


    Braig Inc: (external) What a great race from Hamilton & Webber. The tyre situation is ridiculous though, Pirelli need to sort it out.

  13. 1657

    1 Red Bull 219

    2 Mercedes 171

    3 Ferrari 168

    4 Lotus 124

    5 Force India 59

    6 McLaren 37

    7 Toro Rosso 24

    8 Sauber 6

  14. 1655

    As we await the outcome of Nico Rosberg's summons to the stewards, a quick look at the constructors' championship after today's race...


    Lucy Bloor: (external) Hope they don't take away Nico's win, that would be ridiculous

    Hannah: (external) With the finish so close the penalty for Nico not slowing for waved yellows has to be losing the win.

  16. 1646

    Nico Rosberg and a Mercedes representative are reporting to the stewards right about now. Incident relates to Rosberg 'appearing to not slow for yellow flags in turns three to five at 1406 BST.

  17. 1643 BBC Sport's chief F1 writer Andrew Benson
    Andrew Benson - Chief F1 writer at Silverstone

    "If he [Rosberg] is found guilty, that's a race-losing penalty."

  18. 1641

    Some breaking news - British Grand Prix winner Nico Rosberg is under investigation for allegedly not slowing for yellow flags in today's race at Silverstone, the FIA has announced.

  19. 1633

    A good day for Fernando Alonso as he heads to Germany next week a little closer to Sebastian Vettel in the drivers' championship. Just 21 points separate the pair now. However, he is not letting Vettel's retirement paper over a few cracks he wants to see fixed in the coming days.

    "It's been a difficult weekend and it's a good amount of points in the pocket here," he says. "It is difficult to get many points off Sebastian Vettel any weekend so this was good for us, but we need to raise our game as it's not good enough."

  20. 1627
    Gary explainsA drawing by BBC F1 technical analyst Gary Anderson of the kerb at Turn Four.

    Kimi Raikkonen did not give his thoughts on that apparent difference of opinion, but has spoken about the tyre failure incidents during the race.

    "A piece of rubber hit my helmet. It's all part of the game and there's probably a sharp edge on the corner and it doesn't matter what kind of tyres you have," he tells BBC Sport. "Some corners have sharp edges that was cutting the tyres."

  21. 1624

    Kimi Raikkonen had a tyre problem but of a different kind to the drivers' who suffered tyre failure. He felt he should have pitted late on for new tyres when the safety car came out, while his team decided to keep him out on the circuit. He subsequently dropped out of the reckoning for a podium finish.

    "We don't know the full facts," says BBC F1 chief analyst Eddie Jordan. "Kimi doesn't like to be interfered with in races. We don't know the background but it does seem from the outside that it is a failure from the team to coordinate with the driver. They should have pitted him, they should have put the tyres on."

  22. 1620

    McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh gives his thoughts on the tyre controversy that played such a prominent role in today's race: "In fairness to Pirelli, it's clear something has to be done. We have some views and I've shared them with Pirelli but I think F1 is a situation where everything is highly stressed but we have to safeguard the drivers.

    "Of course whenever there is a tyre failure it could be lots of different factors but when you have that number in quick succession it needs looking into. Clearly we have to do something about it very urgently."

  23. 1616 baretto
    Lawrence Barretto - BBC Sport at Silverstone

    "Today's British Grand Prix reminds me of old school F1. Tension, problems for the leaders, stunning overtaking and lead changes. More, please."

  24. 1614

    The driver reaction continues to come in as BBC pit lane reporter Lee McKenzie grabs a word with Felipe Massa, who was one of the five drivers to suffer tyre failures.

    "This was an unacceptable situation," he says. "The race today was amazing, the pace was fantastic but then I had this problem with the tyres and it's really tough - but the race was fantastic. This will happen again if they don't make the tyres safe."

  25. 1609
    Bernie Ecclestone and Paul HemberyBernie Ecclestone and Paul Hembery

    BBC F1 technical analyst Gary Anderson has caught a word with Pirelli motorsport boss Paul Hembery, seen above talking to Bernie Ecclestone prior to the race. This is what he had to say:

    "The guys are going out to have a look now at Turn 4," says Hembery. "It is one of the things we are trying to understand as we have not really seen anything like it before. I am not going to blame the kerbing but it can influence it, you have to understand all the factors involved.

    "We will work hard now to understand all the facts. They are what count. What you have just shown us [the kerb at Turn 4] we have already started looking at. When we have the facts we will react and make sure we get to the bottom of what happened with those tyres."

  26. 1601

    Few more words from Mark Webber after securing a superb second in his final appearance at the British Grand Prix.

    "It has been an incredible day. First there was the contact with Romain Grosjean, and the wing was damaged. The boys did a great job changing that and then we got into the race. I was praying for the safety car but not with the way they were coming. It was Russian Roulette. I made the most of them though, the strategy was one of our best, and yeah I thought: 'Here is Nico, the one car left.' It would have been nice to have a few more laps but that is the way it goes. We could be standing here with punctures and no podium."

  27. 1558 1429465-high_res-formula-1-2012
    Jennie Gow - BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter at Silverstone

    "Lines open at 1700 BST for SLICKS-0-6 as we invite you to get your questions into the F1 paddock. Call or text 0500 909693."

  28. 1557

    A bemused looking Eddie Jordan just now on Red Button. He was interviewing Mercedes' Paddy Lowe as a hoard of photographers muscled past and onto a stage behind for photos of the gathered crowd. "Watch out he is a pensioner," quips Suzie Perry. Jordan looked bemused.

  29. 1554 baretto
    Lawrence Barretto - BBC Sport at Silverstone

    "There's no time to waste as the pack up begins. I'm at the TV compound. The crews will be keen to get on the road as soon as possible with the German Grand Prix just a week away. Everything will need to be set up at the Nurburgring by Wednesday."

  30. 1551

    Meanwhile, the majority of the teams' attention has already switched to the next race, in Germany a week today. BBC Sport's Lawrence Barretto is having a little look around at what goes on once the cameras stop rolling...

  31. 1552
    Nico Rosberg

    Eddie Jordan moves on to race winner Nico Rosberg for a word: "The win was for the team, it's their home grand prix and so many of my friends were in the grandstands. It's going better and better and the momentum that we have at the moment is amazing. It's so cool to be part of this team at the moment, having a race car that can win is fantastic."

  32. 1549

    Lewis Hamilton emerges from that team photo and Eddie Jordan swoops in to grab a very quick word about the tyre issue. "We tested a tyre that was much safer than this one and I don't know why they've not used it," he says.

  33. 1547

    British Grand Prix winner Nico Rosberg emerges from the Mercedes garage and, like an Orchestra conductor, whips up the applause from the Mercedes staff before standing centre-stage for a team winners' photo.

  34. 1543

    Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has called on Pirelli to address the issues concerning tyres. "The issues with the tyres changed the complexion of the race so instructing the drivers to stay away from the kerbs changed the race," he says.

    "I think they'll be some fairly serious questions being asked and I think Pirelli will address that. It's clear Pirelli need to do something but the most important thing is that they address it."


    Craig Mallaby: (external) How can they let the cars continue to race with potential punctures When they wouldn't allow Michelin to race Indy 2005.

  36. 1535

    Kimi Raikkonen's fifth-place finish at Silverstone means he now holds the record of consecutive points finishes (25).

  37. 1533
    BBC coverage

    Hope you are not contemplating doing anything else just yet as the British Grand Prix forum is now live on BBC Red Button and at the top of this live text. Tweet your questions and comments on the race for Eddie Jordan and the gang on #bbcf1 (external)

  38. 1530
    British Grand Prix

    So the thousands of British fans that packed out the stands were sadly not treated to a home winner. They were, nevertheless, in great spirits and loving the action on the circuit and the fantastic weather.

  39. 1526
    British Grand Prix

    Gary Anderson: "We have heard a lot today about Turn Four and we have come to have look at what could be causing these punctures. Looking at the part inside the kerb, it is green to match the grass but it is actually concrete. The cars go over the section and the sidewall of the tyre could be getting caught on a sharp part of the kerb, it is about the height we saw the tyre getting cut and coming off."

  40. 1522

    BBC F1 technical analyst Gary Anderson has taken himself down to Turn 4 on the Silverstone circuit, the area where many of the tyre incidents occurred over the weekend. Here is what he had to say...

  41. 1520

    It is worth highlighting the drive by Paul Di Resta after the disappointment of his qualifying disqualification. He battled up from 21st on the grid to finish ninth and the Scot was relatively pleased with the outcome.

    "It was a bit up and down," he says. "I didn't have the cleanest race I would have to say. I'm satisfied at the finish. Given the way this weekend has gone it continues the points run, which puts a smile on our faces and we head to Germany looking for three days without issues."

  42. 1515

    Interesting comments from Jenson Button, who finished 13th. The McLaren driver says the issues with tyres cannot continue.

    He says: "We've had five tyres over the last few days, a big issue and something that needs to be sorted out. Don't change how you drive but of course it's on your mind. Happening at 300khp, like for Checo, it's not right. It's not just dangerous for the driver in the car, it's dangerous for all the other cars. The cars behind get hit by rubber that has metal in it. It's got to change. I don't think anything needs to be said. We all know the situation."

  43. 1513

    No tyre issues for Sebastian Vettel but his race was ended by gear box failure. "The fifth gear broke and it was not possible to carry on," says the Red Bull driver.

    "It would have been a nice race to win. It's difficult to feel inside the car what is wrong, and I saw Lewis's problem with his tyre and we were told to avoid the curb and maintain position. We have to come back again next year and try to win."

  44. 1510

    1 Sebastian Vettel 132

    2 Fernando Alonso 111

    3 Kimi Rikknen 98

    4 Lewis Hamilton 89

    5 Mark Webber 87

    6 Nico Rosberg 82