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Uchel 18°C 64°F Isaf 14°C 57°F

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Gwynt 13 mph 21 kph De Orllewinol

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Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Met Office warning(s) issued for: Carmarthenshire

  1. Yellow warning of rain

    Valid from:
    0015 on Sat 02 Aug
    Valid to:
    2345 on Sat 02 Aug
    Updated 2 August at 04:47 Active


    An area of rain is expected to push north across the UK through Saturday. The rain will be persistent and sometimes heavy, especially across western areas at first, and later over northern areas. There remains some uncertainty in the eastward extent across England and Wales, and then, during the afternoon and evening, how far the rain will push into Scotland and Northern Ireland. The most persistent rain will clear Wales early in the day.

    The public are advised to be aware of the risk of disruption to travel and outdoor activities due to localised surface water flooding.


  • Yellow: Be aware
  • Amber: Be prepared
  • Red: Take action

Issued by the Met Office